Chinese Cabbage Soup

How To Make Chicken Soup With Chinese Napa Cabbage | Healthy Food

Today we would like to show you how to prepare Chinese Cabbage Soup, quick, easy, and very helpful for health. So now let’s check ingredients together.


  • Chinese Cabbage 100g
  • Breath chicken 100g
  • Carrot ½ medium
  • Green Onion 15g
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Black pepper 1/4
  • Salt ¼
  • Brown sugar ¼

How to cook:

Cut Chinese Cabbage in medium pieces and clean with water.  After that wash chicken breath, Carrot, and green onion.  Next cut Carrots and the chicken breath to medium piece. Put the Chicken Breath to the blender and blend it with Garlic, green onion, then add Black pepper ¼ Tsp, Salt 1/ 4, brown sugar. Now we can start to blend it together till like a meatball.

Afterward, boil the water and add a bit of salt, then after the water was boiled put a chicken meatball to the water wait until it boiled again put the carrots wait till boiled again and put Chinese Cabbage, add Fish sauce 1tsp, black pepper 1/3tsp, brown sugar 1/2tsp wait till every full of cooked then, add Green Onion, finish.

You can serve with rice or noodle as your tasty.


Chinese Cabbage not only for yummy food but it also can help to prevent cancer, maintaining a process of gastric, Anti-inflammatory, Boost the immune system, prevent the risk of cataracts, reduce the risk of, Alzheimer’s disease, Relieve Constipation, Skincare, Weight Loss, Good for eyes.

Carrot is improving skin, improves digestion, improves kidney function, reduces incidences of stroke, maintains a healthy heart, improves liver function, Anti-Bacterial & Viral, Great for Eye Health, Healthy teeth, Anti-cancer.

Breath Chicken is a great source of protein, low-sodium, high-protein, sugar-free, and Calories 102/100g.

Green Onion is an excellent source of Anti-Viral, Anti-Oxidant, healthy heart, Great for eyes, Anti-inflammatory, Cancer Preventing, lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Nasal Congestion.

Garlic also can control your blood pressure, prevent cancer, reduces weight, controls diabetes, best for treating cold, good for your skin, regulate your cholesterol level.

Eventually, hope you enjoy our recipe and find more recipe in our website, Facebook and YouTube. Thanks.  

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