You’re probably familiar with Scattergories, the party game released by Milton Bradley in 1988. You’ve seen it on the shelves in the games section of stores, but did you know you can also play Scattergories online? Playing Scattergories online instead of in person means you can play with people no matter where they live, just as long as everyone has an internet connection

We’ll show you six of the best sites where you can play as many games of Scattergories online as you want. Best of all, these apps and websites are all free, although some offer in-app purchases or have ads.

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    Scattergories has remained popular over the years because it’s fun, easy to learn, and is great for players ages 12+. Although your even younger smarty-pant kid will likely enjoy it, too.) 

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    How Scattergories Online Works

    While gameplay can differ slightly from version to version, in general, here’s how Scattergories works when you play online. 

    • Players join a public or private room. 
    • When the game begins, the website or app shows players a list of categories and an initial letter. 
    • Each player must think of a word beginning with the initial letter that fits within each category and within the time limit (usually two minutes). For example, let’s pick the category ‘Animals’ and the initial letter ‘C’. You might choose “cat” or “cheetah.” If no other player chooses the same word for a particular category, then you win a point! 
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    Benefits to Playing Scattergories Online

    Playing online can take some of the work out of managing a game of Scattergories. Depending on which app or site you use, the platform will:

    • Provide public and private game rooms so you can play with your friends or strangers
    • Keep track of time limits and let you know when time is up
    • Automatically score each round
    • Offer a chat box so you can communicate with other players

    If you’d like to play Scattergories online with friends, family, or strangers, you’ve got a few options to choose from. These are some of the best websites and apps for playing Scattergories online.

    1. Scattergories and Scattergories Blitz by Magmic Inc.

    Magmic Inc. has the Scattergories mobile app market cornered. Hasbro is the current owner of the Scattergories trademark, and Magmic has their blessing, so these are the only official mobile apps for Scattergories. 

    Magmic has created two different games: 

    • Scattergories, which allows you to play the classic game with friends or randomly chosen opponents. You can choose between regular gameplay or a head-to-head challenge.

      Magmic’s Scattergories app is available for Android and iOS
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    • Scattergories Blitz. Think of this version as Scattergories without the initial letter requirement. Instead, you try to name as many things in a category as possible. For example, you might be asked to list as many popular superhero teams as you can, like Batman & Robin or the Fantastic Five. Connect with Facebook or play as a guest.

      Download the Android or iOS app.
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    This website offers Scattergories in over a dozen languages for free. What a great way to improve your foreign language vocabulary! 

    • You can choose game categories before you begin as well as the number of players and rounds. 
    • You’ll either be matched with players from across the globe, or you can choose to add a robot as a co-player or invite friends by sending them the game link.
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    • Once you’ve played the first round, you’ll see a list of the other players’ entries. 
    • From there you can challenge any of their words. Confirming the results will take you straight into the next round of gameplay or to the game results if you finished the final round. 
    • It’s not the slickest looking website, and it has a few ads, but nothing too distracting. 

    This site is mirrored at the URL


    Paired with Zoom or the online meeting platform of your choice, this free and ad-free site is great for playing Scattergories online. 

    • First launch a Zoom meeting. 
    • Then, one person visits this website and shares their screen so everyone can see the same list of categories. 
    • Designate someone as the time-keeper. 
    • The person sharing their screen clicks Play, and you’re all set. 
    • When the time is up, everyone shares their answers. 
    • If another player has used the same answer as you for a certain category, then neither of you gets a point.
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    The site has a simple, clean design, but if it doesn’t appeal to you, you can use the Old Version instead. 

    4. Really.Boring.Website

    Hidden in the footer of the Swellgarfo website is a link to Play Online (BETA). Selecting it will take you to where you can join or create a public or private room to play Scattergories online.

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    This free site has a chat box and also displays the rulebook so everyone can agree on the rules. The layout is nice and accommodates groups up to 24 people!


    Play Scattergories online with StopotS’ web, Android, or iOS apps. All the apps are free but come with ads. You can play anonymously or login with Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Create a room or be matched with others and play instantly. In-game chat means you can easily communicate with the other players.

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    Gameplay is smooth, and the app automatically takes players through all the phases of the game, from entering answers to verifying them. 


    This site is aimed at kids learning English as a second language, but it’s great for anyone who wants to play Scattergories online. Like Swellgarfo, you’ll need to hop on a Zoom call to play with other people. 

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    Choose one person to visit this site and share their screen. Once they click the “Choose a letter” button and start the timer, the game will begin. When time is up, everyone shares their answers, and you keep score as usual.

    Get Your Brain Working

    Scattergories isn’t the only online game out there that can exercise your mind. Rediscover Tetris, chess, or try one of these escape room games to stimulate different parts of your brain. You might find that you love the feeling of discovery and satisfaction, and you might even realize you feel less stressed. Game on!

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